An Introduction to Reactive & Explosive Materials is a widely use training video that will 
introduce the violent and dangerous properties of highly reactive and explosive chemicals to it's veiwers.

An Introduction
Reactive & Explosive

A Hazardous Materials Safety Video

Almost every day some hazardous material accidentally blows up or decomposes violently enough to cause injury or death. "Oops" is inadequate to describe the damage and mayhem that can result. In a unique 23 minute training video, "An Introduction to REACTIVE & EXPLOSIVE MATERIALS", the viewer is forcefully acquainted with the violent and explosive decomposition of dangerous materials commonly found in industry, R & D labs, schools, universities, hospitals, and over-the-road trucking. It explains the various categories of hazardous materials such as explosives, flammables, water reactives, pyrophorics, oxidizers and organic peroxides. This unique program depicts actual explosions and other deadly reactions in a realistic, simulated laboratory setting. A new respect for these materials is born after viewing this video.

Now available in DVD at a new
low price - $ 350.00 - including
Shipping & Handling.

DVD Upgrade is $ 125.00 with
return of the old VHS tape.

If you want to avoid the "oops" in your operation, then
"An Introduction to Reactive & Explosive Materials"
is a must for your video library.

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