********* Partial Client List *********

This is a partial list of companies, universities, and government agencies
serviced during my career.

ABB / Combustion Engineering
Abott Laboratories
Allegany & Ludlum
Allied Chemical
Amchem Products
American Trim Products
AMP, Inc.
Babcock & Wilson
Becton Dickinson
Bethesda Naval Hospital
Betz LabsBudd Company
Boston Hospital
Burron Medical
Carter Walace
Campbell Soup
Campbell Chain
Celanese Technical Center
City Chemical Corporation
College of William & Mary
Cornell University Medical College
Crompton & Knowles
Curtis Wright
Englehard Industries
Esschem Company
Federal Bureau of Investingation
Ferranti International
General Electric
Gilbert Commonwealth
Harvard Medical College
Harvard University
Hershey Medical Center
Hoecht Celanese
Huls America
ICI Americas
J.T. Baker
Johns Hopkins
Kutztown University
Lockheed Martin
Limrick Nuclear Power Plant
Lucent Technologies
Mack Truck
Magnetic Metals
Mallinckrodt / Baker
MSA / Callery Chemical
Microbiogical Asso.
Mt. Holyoke College
Naval Warfare Center
N.J. State Police Lab
N.J. Turnpike Authority
New York Hospital
Orbis Corporation
Pflatz & Bauer
Philadelphia Electric Co.
PP&G Industries
Princeton Testing Labs
R.J. Reynolds
Roche Biomedical
Rock Creek Gold Mine, Nome, AK
Rutgers University
Smith & Wesson
Sun Chemical
Technicon Instruments
U.S. Army
U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Food & Drug Agency
U.S. Federal Aviation Agency
U.S. Geological Center
U.S. Navy
U.S. Pipe
U.S. Steel
Unilever Research, U.S., Inc.
University of Mexico, Mexico City
W.R. Grace & Co.
Wise Foods
Wyeth Laboritories

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